The Enterprise signed MOU with Addis Ababa University


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Addis Ababa University which is aimed at filling a gap of trained personnel and realize a knowledge transfer in the sector.
At the MOU signing ceremony, Professor Admassu Tsegaye, president of Addis Ababa University described that academic institutions should strengthen their ties with industries and business organizations instead of being limited to their academic islands, so that they contribute their share in providing problem solving solutions based on scientific and profound research applications in various sectors that meaningfully bring about changes on the life’s of developing society.

Professor Admassu Tsegaye has underscored the significance of the signing of MOU as an opportunity for both AAU a pioneer higher academic institution in Ethiopia working to be a center of excellence for Africa in the field of bio-diversity, health, teaching, hydro management and rail way transport fields; and the Ethiopian shipping and logistics service enterprise that crucially needs to train world class qualified personnel in shipping and logistics sector.
Ato Mesfen Tefera, the acting CEO of the ESLSE, on his part reminded at the occasion that his enterprise is working in sea transport, freight forwarding and port and port terminals service provisions for its customers in international import and export trade.

He further noticed that to modernize the service rendering capacity of an enterprise so that it becomes competitively fit in the market; the key success factor is a well - qualified personnel in the sector the enterprise are engaged.
Bearing in mind this urgent and critical fact, the acting CEO asserted that his enterprise has signed MOU with Addis Ababa University on four issues related with service delivery improvement. This MOU encompasses collaboration of the two entities to train basically qualified personnel, to begin a higher training in master’s degree program in the sector, to make a research that produce timely solutions and support the enterprise Babogaya Maritime and Logistics Academy.
So far, the acting CEO has recalled that the enterprise trains the qualified personnel need in the field sending trainees to Ghana. And he critically remarked that this is encoring a big cost in foreign currency. To solve this problem and to be self-reliant and competent in the sector, the enterprise has strengthened its Babogaya Maritime and Logistics academy in a new technical and vocational venture and has made every preparation to provide trainings in the Deck, Engine Service, freight forwarding, port and port terminal departments, according to the technical vocational training level 1-5. He hopefully anticipated that AAU will play a great role collaborating with the academy in its future endeavor.