The Enterprise Management meeting held


The enterprise six month bi-annual meeting is held on January 27-28/17 at Adama town. Management leaders at the head office and the branches have attended the meeting; and the meeting has focused on the evaluation of those operational capital project, change and good governance plan accomplishment of the bi-annual budget year.

The enterprise acting Chief Executive Officer Ato Mesfen Tefera has presented the report of the plan accomplishment from the time of the preparation of the plan until the main course of accomplishment. When he recalls activities accomplished at the pre planning stage, he has mentioned that the 2009 EFY plan of the enterprise has been initiated from the strategic plan of the enterprise and it has been prepared from the perspective of result oriented management tool; and it was discussed up on by employees of the enterprise at various levels and the major tasks and activities outlined in the plan has been accomplished. The report has revealed that various tasks and activities have been accomplished with regard to diversifying the enterprise activities and making its services effective and efficient and build the capacity of its employees.

The enterprise bi-annual management meeting at Adama

In respect to the operation plan of the six month accomplishment, Ato Mesfen Tefera has elaborated that in the shipping sector the enterprise has carried 2,365,387 tons import cargos and 70,327 TEUs and 5,425 vehicles using its own and chartering ships on sea transport.
In the freight forwarding and logistics sector too, about 93, 180 TEU and 5, 486 vehicles are forwarded and moved to inland ports and bonded warehouses using multimodal transport system, and 1,210,604 tons of import cargos has been given a freight forwarding services.. In addition to these performances the report has indicated that 6,468 tons of export goods are given forwarding services.