Ministry working to make the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise nationally and globally competitive. The ministry new appointed minister visited the enterprise


His Excellency Doctor Girma Amnte, Minster of State Public Enterprises together with higher officials has visited the Ethioopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise Head Office, and its branches; the Babugaya Maritime Training Institute, Gelan and Mojo dry port terminals on 12, November 2016.

His Excellency Doctor Girma Amnte and higher officials visiting Mojo Dry Port

His Excellency Ato Ahmed Tussa Chief Executive Officer of the Enterprise has given the new minster general description and explanation about the enterprise.

His excellency Dr. Girma Amnte's peaking on his visit stressed that in order the enterprise to meet its great responsibility the state and the public has vested upon it and to make it competitive nationally and globally his ministry would make every effort to playing its role.

The minister has stressed that in order to maximize the service delivery of the enterprise and in a bid to enhance its huge task of the carriage of the nations import and export goods various capacity building activities would be installed with due emphasis. He also underscored the need to equip the enterprise with modern port facilities is also mandatory to upgrade its competitiveness and effectiveness.

AtoTaye Chala, the Mojo dry port manager, has briefed the visiting officials that the dry port has a capacity to handle 15 thousand TEU and there are about 14 thousand TEU containers at this time.

He also added that 78% of of the container coming in and going out of the country inland ports are handled at the Mojo dry port.

Mojo dry port and terminal

The dry port, he said, is working 24 hours and it has a through puts of 2 thousand 3 hundred TEU a day. An expansion of port projects are carried out at this time, and a major feeder construction to connect the port with the new main Djibouti Addis Ababa rail line is underway.

In connection with this visit the Gelan dry port terminal with 21 hectares of land and a capacity to handle one thousand seven hundred cars is now providing services for 7 hundred 34 cars, Ato Birhan Teshome the Gelan port terminal manager briefed the visitors.

The Babugaya Maritime Training Institute, located at Dbere Zeit and undergoing an expansion to train seafarers at lower and middle level orienting them with International Maritime organizations safety and standard skills has also been visited by the state public enterprise higher officials.