1st quarter accomplishment of the 2016/17 budget year plan is assessed


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services enterprise noted to move 1.2 million tons of cargos; and earned 4.1 billion birr on the 1st quarter
The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics services Enterprise’s 1st quarter accomplishment of the 2016/17 budget year plan is assessed at a meeting held on October 18, 2016 at Hilton Hotel. The Enterprise chief executive officer His Excellency Ato Ahmed Tusa reported that over 1.2 million tons of cargos have been transported on sea by the companies owned and charter ships. Along these shipment 30 thousand TEU and over 2 thousand 4 hundred RO-RO cars have been moved using multi-modal transport service
The enterprise has provided freight forwarding services for nearly 50 thousand TEU and 2 thousand and 3 hundred vehicles destined to the country’s inland ports and warehouses
Moreover; 55 thousand tons of export cargos have been forwarded; and 47 thousand containers and more than 2 thousand vehicles are served at dry ports.
The enterprise has earned 4.1 billion birr revenue from sea transport, freight forwarding and port and port related services. In these achievements, it has exceeded the 300 million birr profit it has planned to get in the first quarter, earning 325 million birr profit before tax.
The enterprise has noted that the company’s dry port expansion and the construction of the multipurpose building at the head office are lagging behind the project plan period, hence emphasized to exert more efforts to enhance the performance in capital projects
A need to upgrade the enterprise heavy trucks and owned vessels cargo handling capacity has also been underscored emphatically at the top management meeting
With regard to the change and good governance plan accomplishment, the meeting has given due emphasis and discussed up to the building of the logistics army, the organization of 1 t0 5 change agents team, the public army of the company, the implementation of result oriented management system and the automation of the enterprises work process
The participants have been reminded to strengthen their efforts in accomplishing the service delivery and reform tasks with outstanding results.