The Ethiopian Shipping and logistics Service Enterprise 2008 Ethiopian Fiscal Year Accomplishment applauded


In a press conference held with the major media institutionson September 23, 2016, it is disclosed that the enterprise accomplished 92.2% of its past year plan and this was applauded as successful.
The enterprise has moved 4,966,265 tons of import cargos using its own and other rented ships. Out of this imported cargos 75% is containerized cargos, 16.4% steel and 1.7% vehicles.It has also provided a freight forwarding services for 175,672 TEU and 14,736 vehicles brought to the country’s inland dry ports and bonded warehouses. Moreover, it has provided the freight forwarding services for 274,043 tons of export cargos using uni-modal transport. .

Looking the dry port and port terminal services the enterprise has provided, 162,047 containers and 13,224 vehicles are handled in dry ports, the press release noted.

Totally the enterprise has earned 16.586 billion birr total revenue, out of which 15.129 billion birr is its cost of service provision and 1.29 billion birr a net profit. The press release provided by the enterprise corporate communication department has highlighted various activities that the enterprise is implementing this year by upgrading its various services and accomplishing capital projects and double its last years achievements.