The Public Relations Professionals and Media Institutions Visited ESLSE


Two days official visit have been conducted at ESLSE head office and branch offices, by the Federal State Public Relations professionals and media institutions journalists from February 23 – 24/2018.
The Public Relations and Media professionals have visited the Kality port terminal and freight transport branch offices first, whereby they look a new export container stuffing service that the enterprise has commenced for export goods.

They have also visited the Gelan Ro – Ro terminal and the warehouse services provided for those vehicles. The Babogaya Maritime and Logistics academy has also been visited by the visiting teams and they have familiarized themselves with Maritime and Logistics academy at Bishoftu. The Modjo dry port and terminal has also been visited and the officials of the port have given a brief for the visitors about the beginning of containerized cargo train from Djibouti to Modjo inland port and the linking of the port with Ethio – Djibouti rail way line.
The purpose of the visit was to make the media professionals familiar with the ESLSE and the enterprise provides quick and cost effective sea transport and logistics services for the countries import and export cargoes where by it plays its indispensible role to build the national economy. It was to equip the visitors with current updates of the enterprise so that they would be addressing the contribution of the enterprise to build the national developmental endeavors to the wider public.

Among their visits to the Kality port and terminal branch office was focus point where providing an export containerizing stuffing services for export items is helping exporters reduce their unnecessarily costs and hassles of burdens activities.
A broad explanation have also been given to the visiting team about Gelan Ro – Ro terminal; and Babogaya maritime and logistics academy where a major endeavor to train sea – farers with IMO standard qualification is carried out; and about the wide ranging efforts that have been done to Modjo dry port and logistics hub by consolidating uni modal and multi modal mode of transport systems and linking the port with the Ethio – Djibouti railway line with a development project funded by World Bank.

At the end of the visit a press conference is held at Adama and Capitan Teffera Bedasso, deputy CEO of the enterprise at shipping sector and Ato Desalegn Gutu Acting Deputy CEO of port and terminal sector have answered and commented on various questions and suggestions raised by the public relation officers and journalists.