The Enterprise Signed a Collective Labor Agreement with Employees Association


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise and its employees association have signed the collective labor agreement which expected to be instrumental in defending the right and obligations of the employees, on February 22, 2018.

On the part of the management of the enterprise, Ato Roba Megerssa, CEO of ESLSE has signed the agreement, while, Ato Solomon Abera signed the agreement on the part of the labor union.
Ato Roba, said at the signing ceremony that the success of the employee is very much intertwined with the success of the enterprise, Hence, the staff and the administration are responsible to achieve mutual beneficial goals. These responsibilities bestowed up on the enterprise by the state and by constitutional mandate to execute its tasks as well as the national expectation of the country from the sector has encouraged all to work hard for better success amid various challenges and good opportunities.

Ato Roba has further explained that the enterprise has a strong commitment to accomplish the tasks assigned by the government by widening the sphere of the role of the employees and creating strength awareness about the need for sea transport logistics among the public and strengthen the role of the company to build the national economy. The strong factor for the success of these big tasks is among the employees and the management will act according to the enterprise mandate to pay as per the contribution of employees. In these regard the agreement reached on some of controversial point raised in the collective labor agreement has also been appreciated as a favorable opportunity to step up all efforts towards meeting the enterprise goals.

Ato Solomon Abera, chairperson of the employees association, on his part said that to reach the signing of collective labor agreement with the enterprise entailed a good understanding and supportive conscious , and in this regard he thanked the present management who arrived at this consensus.
He recalled that because of a mutual understanding the labor association has accepted some of its demands of the enterprise fairly as the companies income this year has been less in the first bi annual year. He said although the collective agreement has been delayed because of long time discussions, and tight labor time, the new agreement will be effective since February 22 and it will stay for three years as per the agreement.
The participants both on the part of the management and the labor union have renewed their commitment to boost the productivity of the enterprise equipped with ethical discipline and good governance that the employee’s rights and obligations are duly executed.