The First Phase of the Implementation of Kaizen Started


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise, Department of Change Management, has been arranging and conducting training on the basic practical concepts of the kaizen philosophy. About 209 employees of the enterprise both at the head office and branches have attended the training, since November 2017. Now it is disclosed that the enterprise has entered in to the first phase of implementing the kaizen philosophy particularly beginning the practice from the kality port and terminal branch office.

At the launching ceremony of the implemention of kaizen at Kality branch, Ato Hailesellase Girmay, the director of change management department, said in his opening speech that the implementation of kaizen does not need a huge task or investment but it needs only a well prepared mind for change and a change oriented employees to bring about success with small activities. He said, as part of a sample projector of best practices the kaizen would being in the kality branch and the implementation will continue in all the enterprise functions.
Ato Lengerew Alemayehu, a coordinator of kaizen office at kality branch has also made a remark that after the training of kaizen practical change philosophy, the enterprise identified various functional units that are vulnerable for loss and systems in efficiency and in the first phase of implementation particular emphasis would be given to these problems and would be solved prior to others.

Ato Yihenew Asrese the kaizen associate adviser at Ethiopian Kaizen Institute (EKI) on his part said that although kaizen should not be particularly implemented only on short trainings and minor activities, the EKI has formulated a continuous strategy to closely monitor the implementation of kaizen in ESLSE by supervising the process in two phases and working with the enterprise to make the implementation real.

The EKI is said to provide awareness training and professional assistance until a viable result in the implementation of kaizen tool achieved in the enterprise.

The participants of the training have also vowed to change the training that they get regarding kaizen philosophy in to practice and work hard to bring about changes in their respective functions.
Finally the participants have cleaned two functions that are selected for kaizen change and have indulged in to the actual implementation.