The 12th Nation’s Nationalities and Peoples day observed at ESLSE


The nations and nationalities and peoples day which is observed nationally and annually on December 8, 2017 annually has been observed at ESLSE in the presence of Ato Roba Megeresa, the CEO, and top management members, employees and invited media representatives on December 2,2017 at Ras Hotel. As the day is observed in the weeks of the month by various events, the enterprises head office management members and workers have observed the day one week earlier with varieties of eventual activities.
A panal discussion on the essential benefits of the observance of the day is held and a paper entitled “Our Constitutionally Built Multi- Diversity for Our Renaissance” is presented The event was chaired by Ato Roba Megersa and various opinions and questions with regard to the Nations, Nationalites and peoples federal system is raised and discussed upon.

The panal discussion asserted that the nation observes this day because the right of all citizens is asserted ones and for all and encouraging results are achieved in the last two decades. The panal appreciated that a federal system that asserts the diversity and multi nationality of the people are taking roots gradually.
Citing the best practices of developed countries as Switzerland, Ato Roba Megersa who lead the panal discussion said that the federal democratic system is a choice of many advanced and developing countries that had a cultural, geographical and language diversity and these countries developed because they have engendered this diversity as solid foundation for unity and progress. He, however, has noted that when the system is tried to be implemented in Africa, a lot of efforts must be excreted to solve the many traditional problems that hitherto existed with regard to culture, boundaries and socio-economical draw backs the major challenges that could be faced as chauvinism and sectarianism that could be perpetrated by political and economic elites. He said a consensus measure should be taken by all the citizens to defend the constitutional right. He has also stressed that the day was remarkable and valuable in that it’s a day that the nation got an epoch making new democratic constitution that is ratified by people’s common consensus.
He has reminded the employees that the day would be more meaningful if the employees execute their daily tasks based on a result oriented diligence.

He urged the young employees, especially, to be focused on their job, for the nations developmental progress needs a lot from its young generation. He generally, called the observant of the day to boost up their commitment for their beloved developmental country. He has begged the employees’ attention to respect the day and translate its benefits in their practical daily routine activities for the sake of the coming generation who envisions the glory of the nation.
The event of the day was organized by corporate communication department from its planning stage and participating in the panel discussion and making the event colorful and culturally entertaining.