Awareness Orientation on the Cancer Conducted


The Gender and Social Affairs Department of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics services Enterprise has organized an orientation on the cancer diseases in association with the Ethiopian Cancer Association; and the orientation is conducted on November 11, 2017 at the enterprises general meeting auditorium.

Ato Habtamu Belete, General Manager of Ethiopian Cancer Association, has informed the participants of the orientation, that the Ethiopian Cancer Association has been established in 1994 E.C, with the aims of orienting and warning the people about the critical diseases, to help and nurse cancer patients, and to address the care and attention that must be taken by concerned state officials and the public. The association has been conducting this type of orientation to the patients and the public at large through radio, newspaper and face to face communication; and participating in international cancer day and learning best practices.
Dr. Binyam Teffera, who is a medical doctor at Tikur Anbessa Hospital and specializing in cancer treatment and the prominent member of the association, has given the elaborating lessons on the diseases. He has particularly dealt a lot on the two types of cancers that often occurs on women namely breast and the cervical cancer. Among all types of cancers, he said 32% are breast cancer and he has explained in detail the causes of this disease and its diagnostic processes and the general features of the diseases. To prevent the second type of cancer mentioned above , the cervical cancer, Dr. Binyam said women with in the age of 15-49 must make a voluntary examination, which is free for all women now at governmental health centers, and must take all preventive measures as per the doctors’ advice they are given.
Dr. Binyam has given all answers and explanations for the various questions raised by the participants. W/O Yengusnesh Asrate the coordinator of gender and social affairs department of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics services Enterprise, on her part informed the participants that in order to prevent cancer which is attacking many women, all should make pre-cancer voluntary examination and take care of themselves.

At the end, Ato Habtamu Belete, noted that many patients that come to Tikur Anbessa Hospital from various regions and who were very much in difficulty to get the cancer treatment and quit their treatment for lack of accommodation and medical expenses, are being helped now in a cancer center founded by the associations at Gullele sub city. He underscored that about 550 patients are given accommodation and proper help so far. He urged the participants that they would be helpful if they become a member of the association and contribute their share for mutual benefits.