The CEO Briefs Local Media


Ato Roba Megerssa, the CEO of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, briefed up on the 2009 EFY plan accomplishment, 2010 plan as well as current developments in the enterprise for both local private and state media on September 23/1017.

He has pointed out the main accomplishments of the year 2016/17 plan. Accordingly, in the Shipping Sector out of 5,319,286 tons of container, Ro – Ro vehicles, general cargo, steel and bulk cargoes which has been planned to move, a total of 4,538,722 tones had been moved which is 85.3% of the plan accomplished.

In Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Sector, planning to move 183,942 TEU and, 21,961 Ro – Ro vehicles, it was possible to transport 179,170 TEU through multi modal transport system which is 97% of the plan in the budget year. Additionally, he had also reported that planning to cut transit time shorty to 95%; it has been made possible to cut transit time by 91%.
Looking the Port and Port Terminal Services Sector, planning to provide services for 174,744 TEU import containers, 169,241 TEU containers were handled and 97% of the year plan is accomplished. Totally, it was also possible to provide services for 169,131 TEU containers throughput handled which is 101% of the plan in this respect.

By and large, the enterprise has earned 16.54 Billion Birr total revenue which is 86% of the plan gross revenue. This revenue is earned by the company providing sea transport, freight forwarding and port services.
Ato Roba has also briefed on the 2010 EFY plan of the enterprise; and finally he has replayed various questions raised up on the discussion and forwarded from journalists.