Chairperson of the Board of Directors of ESLSE Stressed the Enterprise Services Sustains


ESLSE’s members of board of directors have made a discussion with the management and employees of ESLSE up on the current developments undertaking in the enterprise.

Ato Roba Megersa, the CEO of the enterprise, said that after the training of through re-orientation program aimed at fighting rent seeking, lack of good governance and corruption the state has begun to challenge and bring to justice those top accountable state officials for their alleged corruption and mismanagement of the enterprise transactions. He has explained that some of the top management members of the enterprise are made accountable for the grand corruption detected in their sphere of responsible.

However, he has advised the employees to calm down and sustain their routine activities as usual with all calmness and responsibility of meeting the goals of the enterprise. He added that the responsibilities of those members who are brought to justice would be covered by their respective deputy ranks.
The transport minister and the chairperson of the board of the enterprise, Ato Ahmed Shide, has briefed that the FDRE has given a great emphasis to the transport sector both building various modes of transports as Djibouti – Addis Ababa railway and expanding port and port terminal as well as various other related developmental projects.

The state has allotted lots of millions of birr budget to the sector in order to modernize the transport sector and to help the multi sectorial developments observed in the country. He said that, with the bid to meet these goals of the enterprise, various corrective measures are taking place in the enterprise and the employees should be settled calm for the alleged accountability of its top management members and fill the gap created happen in the enterprise. He has further stressed that the enterprise should exert more labor and commitment and play its role to expand its service horizon by providing cost effective and efficient competitive logistic service, and enhance the renaissance of the nation that is gaining momentum.
The members of board of directors of the enterprise have also expressed that they will make every endeavor to sustain the enterprises business undertaking.