The Enterprise Annual Management Meeting Held


The annual management meeting of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise is held from August 12 – 13/2017 at Adama. Higher members of the management, CEO and his deputies, various leaders at various levels as well as branch managers of the enterprise were present at the meeting. The meeting has discussed and evaluated the 2016/17 operational, capital, change and good governance works plan accomplishment.
Ato Birhan G/Egziabher, the representative of director of the enterprise business development and plan department on his part has elaborated various tasks at the plan initiation stage and recalled the participants that the 2016/17 plan has been successfully accomplished as all the executers have entered into their tasks by signing BSC plan scorecard sheet prior to actually involving in to the tasks. The report has disclosed that various activities have been accomplished with regard to diversifying the enterprise services, making services efficient and cost effective, and building the capacity of leadership and employees.

Ato Birhan has also pointed out the main accomplishment of the 2016/17 plan. In the Shipping Sector out of 5,319,286 tons of container, Ro – Ro vehicles, general cargo, steel and bulk cargoes which has been planned to move, a total of 4,538,722 tones has been moved which is 85.3% of the plan accomplished.
In Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Sector, planning to move 183,942 TEU and, 21,961 Ro – Ro vehicles, it is possible to transport 179,170 TEU through multi modal transport system which is 35.6% of the plan in the budget year. The reason for the accomplishment of the plan to be less is explained as the fact that out of 48,862 vehicles, 68.7% of them were brought in to the country by uni – modal transport system and as containerized cargo. Additionally, it is reported that planning to cut transit time shortly to 95%; it has been made possible cut transit time 91%.
Looking the Port and Port Terminal Services Sector, planning to provide services for 174,744 TEU import containers, 169,241 TEU containers were handled and 97% of the year plan is accomplished. It is also possible to provide services for 169,131 TEU containers throughput handled which is 101% of the plan in this respect.
By and large, the enterprise has earned 15.811 Billion Birr total revenue which is 82.08% of the plan income; this revenue earned by the company providing sea transport, freight forwarding and port services.

The management meeting have also discussed up on the coming 2017/18 operational, capital and good governance plan of the enterprise for the ongoing budget year.
The participants of the meeting have raised numerous questions and looked for explanations for various questions. Among the questions raised are with regard to the enterprise ships scoring less performance, cost reduction strategy, the delay of the capital projects, lack of basic port infrastructure, lack of foreign exchange, the poorness of the enterprise ICT, the underperformance of marketing activities, lack of coordinated activities with the stakeholders and interfaces as well as public wings, the poor complaint handling strategies both for internal employee and external customers and various questions related with rent – seeking and lack of good governance. All the questions forwarded are given briefings and explanations by the top management members as well as the concerned department officials.

At the end, Ato Roba Megerssa, CEO of the enterprise has presented issues that need to be worked out given due attention. Among these he said that the enterprise would give especial attention to the opening of the Babogaya Maritime and Logistics academy, revitalizing the ICT system, fulfilling the infrastructure of the dry ports, and efforts to link the Mekelle and Kombolcha dry port terminals with rail ways lines would be given especial attention and various works will be done to further score good results executing these tasks. He added that closing of the back log financial documents of the enterprise and vitalizing the branding and marketing activities of the enterprise as we as accomplishing the various change and good governance plan of the enterprise are given due attention.