The Training Said Significant to Alleviate Problems of Execution of Tasks


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) employees are given a deep renewal capacity building training. The training at the head office has been given for 593 employees in two rounds, from July 17 – 29. A training document in two parts namely, 'The Reform Line and Ethiopian Renaissance' and 'The Role of State Public Enterprise and its Implication for Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise' were presented for discussion and all the participants have discussed up on the documents thoroughly.
Ato Sisay Abaferda, the Deputy CEO of the Enterprise at the Corporate Sector, has explained the aim and all the procedures of the training program prior to the commencement of the training. He underscored that the aim the training was to meet the demands of the government current program in fighting the problems of good governance, rent seeking and corruption in all sectors of socio – economic institutions, and particularly in state public enterprises. He said the training is aimed at building a society which is free from poverty and backwardness and to build a developed democracy that ensures the rights and benefits of all sections of the society. Hence, he stressed that fighting these crucial problems is very much indispensable for the nation to continue as a sovereign nation.
The first part of the document entitled, the 'Reform line and the Ethiopian Renaissance', was presented by Ato Desalegn G/Hiwot, deputy CEO of the enterprise in port and port terminal sector. He said that the country has been registering fast economic growth in the last decade, but because of the problems of lack of good governance, rent – seeking and corruption, it is not yet possible to realize the economic benefits of the society, and build a viable democracy.

He further said that, the present scenario of the society is witnessing that the country is having difficulties with respect to poverty alleviation and building a middle income country freeing its self from backwardness and anti – democratic practices.
Solving these challenges, he said, has become a question of the persistence of the nation as developmental state oriented country.

Ato Roba Megerssa, the CEO of the enterprise has presented the next topic which is the Role of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise in the Realization of the nation’s Renaissance. He recalled that sea transport has begun at the time of Axumite Civilization and long before and the nation has used this service for its international trade and defense of its sovereignty. He has also explained the gradual development and the coming of ESLSE by merging four enterprises which have been providing related services. He pointed the need for the merger by the directive of the Council of Ministers Number 255/2004 as being to realize a demand for an integrated shipping and logistics services in one service delivery line which brings about economic development by improved logistics system that result fast and cost effective transit time. He has mentioned some of the problems seen in building of the new ESLSE as lack of strategic leadership, poor ICT system, drawbacks in multimodal transport services, the poor performance of ships, and the retardation of capital and financial projects and routine transactions.
All the participants of the training have discussed up on these problems and raised various questions which were clarified by the organization higher officials. They have also said that the training serves the employees to be aware of problems of rent – seeking, good governance and corruption in their daily execution tasks. Finally it was disclosed that the training will be given for all employees found in branch offices.