A Program of Planting of Tree Seedlings Conducted at Modjo and Gelan


A program of planting of tree seedlings organized by the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise employees association is conducted at Modjo dry port and Gelan RO-RO cargo terminal, at the presence of the association leaders and the branch employees attending the program on, July 8,2017.

Ato Solomon Abera, chairperson of the employees association has explained the purpose of organizing the program, as showing a responsibility and support of the nation green development strategy. Moreover to express social responsibility of the branch offices of the enterprise it aimed at participating in the struggle to create green ecological environment and fight environmental degradation, planting tree seedling together with the community living around the branch offices.

More than 2500 tree seedling have been planted on the day of the program in the two branches. The association leaders, audit members, management members of Mojo and Gelan as well as employees of the branches have attended the program. The planting of the seedling are also said to have special significance for Mojo dry port in that it would protect the port from dusty winds at summer time and they would help make the surroundings green and fertile, hence, prevent the spread of aridity around the towns.

Ato Solomon Abera further stated that the association, subsequently would do more and is ready to work more voluntary activities such as participating in road development and there by advertising the enterprise with billboard and posters in all branches as Hawassa, Mekele, Kombolcha, Semera and around branch offices in other regional administrations.