ESLSE Board of Directors Visit the Multi-Purpose Building Complex


The ESLSE, state of the art 20 story multi-purpose building complex of the enterprise which is under construction has been visited by board of directors at the presence of His Excellency Ahmed Shide Transport Minister and board chairman, and the management member of the enterprise on July 6, 2017.

Tekle Birhan Ambaye construction enterprise project manager, Engineer Abere Nigusse on his part disclosed that the contractor could not finish the construction as per the contract period because many of the finishing materials of the building construction had to brought from abroad, but then, a lack of foreign currency to buy the materials on time had been a hindrance in the completion of the construction.

Speak about the current development of the construction project however, he said foreign currency is now made available and all the necessary finishing materials will be brought in to the country, and the contractor will hand over the building very soon.

Visiting the construction of the building, it could be observed that the building is on 3000 square meter of land 74 meter high, with 20 story and 2 underground parking and it is bridged with the old Maritime (Blue) building.