ESLSE Signed MOU with Ethiopian Freight Forwarding and Shipping Agents Association


In a bid to fill the gap of well trained and skilled personnel in the Logistics service sector, a MOU is signed between Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) and Ethiopian Freight Forwarding and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) on June 22, 2017.
Ato Roba Megerssa, the CEO of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, has signed the MOU on the part of the enterprise and underscored that the enterprise is meeting the heaver task that the public and the government has vested upon it, as a major operator in freight forwarding, port and port terminal sector.

Explaining further, Ato Roba has said that one of the reasons why the logistics service sector has not been developed as it is expected is due to the lack of skilled man power in the sector; and therefore in order to modernize the sector and provide competent and attractive services, human resource capacity building is a major factor that plays a key role. Bearing this fact in mind, the Enterprise having completed preparations of opening departments of Deck, Engine, Engine Service, freight Forwarding, Port and Port Terminal in sea transport and logistics services sector at its Babogaya Maritime and Logistics academy, it is now ready to provide technical and vocational carriers for the coming seafarers. The CEO has noticed further that the academy will begin training of various professionals from 1-5 levels in TVETI programs in the coming years.

Ato Salahadin Kelifa, president of Ethiopian Freight Forwarding and Shipping Agents Association on his part said at the signing event of the MOU, that the association has been working in the logistics sector for the last 20 years and that with the assistant it gets from FIATA, it is planning to provide training at Babogaya Maritime and Logistics Academy in collaboration with ESLSE.
It is to be recalled that the Enterprise has signed MOU with Addis Ababa University to give trainings relevant to the sectors capacity building.