Management Members Employees and Shipping Agents of the enterprise visited the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


A team of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise management members, employees and shipping agents have visited the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on April 28-30.

When the construction of the dam project found in Benshangul national regional government, particularly in Guba and Sirba district is completed it could generate six thousand and four hundred fifty mega watt of energy and provides human made water reserve covering two hundred and forty six kilometer. This dam is said to be the first in Africa and the eighth in the world, Chief engineer Semegnew Bekele the project manager briefed the visitors.

Among the logistics companies that carry over construction materials for the dam, is the Ethiopian shipping and logistics services enterprise. As the acting Chief executive of the enterprise Ato Mesfen Tefera described, to help the construction of the dam speed up at its planed project period, a system of special support services and providing the necessary solutions expected from the service is implemented. He added on his remark that, prioritizing the loading of huge import project cargoes from their port of departure and loading on board the enterprise ships and transporting them by unimodal transport options till the site of the dam, he said, the enterprise is making great contribution.

The participants of the visit have expressed their happiness and have renewed their commitment to continue all their support and efforts intensely. At the end, a gift which is showing the picture of the Ethiopian great renaissance dam was presented to the ship agents those who visited the dam. They all thanked for the gift they are given, and expressed that they are happy in visiting this great endeavor.