ESLSE’s Shipping Agents Meeting Held


The Ethiopian Shipping and logistics Services Enterprise, Shipping Agents annual meeting is held on April 26-27 at Addis Ababa. The agents deliberate up on the years plan accomplishment and examine the problems they encountered in the course of their international shipping agency service delivery.

His Excellency Ato Ahmed Shede the transport minister and his Excellency Ato Fitsum Arega commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission were present at the meeting. Ato Mesfen Tefera Acting CEO of the enterprise, Chief Engineer Alemu Ambaye Deputy CEO in the Shipping sector and Ato Sisay Abaferda, Deputy CEO in the corporate sector and other department Directors were present together with the international agents in the meeting. Relatedly Ato Siraj Abdulahi the Director of the enterprise Plan and Business Development Department and Ato Eyasu Yimam the Director of Marketing in the Shipping sector have presented two papers dealing about the enterprise and the 2016 shipping agency accomplishment.

Ato Mesfen Tefera, the acting CEO of the enterprise welcomed all the agents gathered in the meeting and briefed the role of the shipping sector in helping the development and the fast growth and transformation of the nation. He has also explained about various changes and developmental undertakings taking place in the enterprise and he has reminded the agents to be aware of the new development and help this momentum by contributing their share for the success of its goals.

Ato Ahmed Shede, the transport Minister has been introduced with ESLSE’s international shipping agents and has expressed his delight in meeting the agents who help much the country’s development efforts. The Minister said Ethiopia is a land of origin of humankind with a huge potential for investment and endeavoring for fast growth and transformation scoring records of developmental achievements. He underscored the role of the shipping transport and logistics sector for the development of the nation and had reminded his ministry has paid very critical attention for the sectors development. He added the state has formulated a viable transport strategy and it is making all infrastructural development projects that help the transport and logistics sector grow more efficiently and economically. He urged the participants that the agents are not only partners with the enterprise but with the country in general and should help in their capacity as agents, the nations development endeavors which are the miracle of the developing countries.

His Excellency Ato Fitsum Arega, commission of the Ethiopian investment commission, said in his speech that Ethiopia is preparing all investment opportunities both for local and international investors and invite all to be stakeholders in the development of the nation. He called up on the participants to take initiative and promote the nations cause of development and attract many investors for mutually beneficiary development.

Two papers were presented by Ato Siraj Abdulahi and Ato Eyassu Yimam has enlightened the participants about the current developments in the enterprise and the annual plan accomplishment. Particularly in relation to agency business. Ato Sisay Abaferda promoted that the enterprise is working to expand Modjo dry port and to link with Djibouti-Addis Ababa railway with new linking port terminal being constructed.

Ato Eyassu Yimam on his part has depicted pointed at all the problems that are observed in the shipping agency works and all the necessary measures and instructions taken in light with various task accomplishments. He has pointed the strength and weakness and has pointed the key focus areas that have to be dealt for the ratification of problems and for achievements of more results.