The Enterprise signed agreement to donate 1.1 million birr for feeding needy students


The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise have signed agreement with Enat Woge Charity Organization /Mothers Etiquette Charity/ to contribute 1.1 million birr, on March 15, 2017.
The First Lady, Her Excellency W/ro Roman Tesfaye, the founder of Enat Woge Charity Organization and its Protectorate, expressed at the signing ceremony that since the foundation of the charity on 2006 E.C, her organization is working to help the needy and less privileged children in government primary schools in Addis Ababa City Administration so that they could sustain in their education. She has added on her remarks that, apart from feeding breakfast and lunch for more than 20,000/twenty thousand/ children, the charity has created job opportunity for 846 mothers and has enabled them to be beneficiary economically and socially.

The agreement was signed by Ato Sisay Abaferda dupty CEO of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise on the corporate sector, and W/ro Derebwork Lulseged, the general manager of Enat Woge Charity Organization. Ato Sisay Abaferda has promised that its enterprise would make all its efforts in its capacity to continue its contribution to this blessed activity.
Ato Mesfen Tefera, the acting CEO of The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise on his part has said that the enterprise commitments to contribute 1.1 million birr that enable to feed 450 students for one year is due to express its role of social responsibility and help the coming generation who are the owner of future Ethiopia. He said this good charity gesture of the enterprise shows its committed responsibility for the development and prosperity of the country